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At Paternity For Life, we recognise that DNA testing can be a highly emotional process for everyone involved and the results from a DNA test can be life changing. Therefore, we offer a personalised service, with laboratory scientists handling your case and communicating with you throughout the entire process. From the initial contact, to arranging sample collection and through to explaining your results, know that you are in the safe hands of our highly experienced staff who know the ins and outs of DNA testing.

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What our customers have to say

I just wanted to thank your admin and lab team for the way in which you handled my test, as soon as I contacted you your team was professional and understanding. All parties now know where they stand, even though it wasn’t the result I hoped for we are all happy to know the truth.

B.F - Brighton

Thanks for giving us the information we needed for my son to grow up with his father by his side. The efficiency, accuracy and price all made for an easy process.

W.R - Warrington

The team at Paternity for Life made an emotional process as pain free as possible. We would like to give our thanks and would recommend your company for anyone else in a similar situation. They handled our case with genuine concern and empathy.

P.V - London

After a stressful time of being unsure whom my father was it was lovely to deal with your supportive and knowledgeable staff. Thanks for answering my questions promptly and assisting me with a quick turnaround time.

A.S - Sheffield

Although we received the result we expected, we thank you for giving us the reassurance we needed to undertake a DNA test. It’s a huge relief and Paternity for Life made a daunting process very simple.

C.A - Stockport

I will recommend anyone in my situation to choose Paternity for Life, they were there from enquiry to result with caring and considerate words and no hard sell.

K.C - Aberdeen

Thanks for putting my mind at ease after years of not knowing, fantastic and simple service.

J.M - London

Thank you very much. I’m one happy man today!

S.A - Basildon
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Frequently asked questions about our Tests.

  • Q What is paternity DNA testing? +


    A paternity DNA test is conducted to prove paternity, that is, whether a man is the biological father of a child. This may be relevant in view of rights and duties of the father. DNA testing is accepted worldwide as the most accurate method of determining paternity.

  • Q Can maternity DNA testing be done? +


    Yes, maternity DNA testing can also be carried out. This is less common, because at least during childbirth the mother’s identity is clearly evident, except in the case of a pregnancy involving embryo transfer or egg donation. Some women who have used IVF may wish to check that their own eggs or their partner’s sperm are contained in their child’s DNA and there has not been a laboratory mix up of embryos.

  • Q For DNA testing, who provides a sample? +


    For paternity or maternity DNA testing, a sample is required from the alleged father, mother and child/children. For peace of mind testing, the mother’s DNA is not usually required. For relationship testing, we require a sample from all parties wishing to be tested.

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