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Biogeographical DNA Test

Our Biogeographical Ancestry DNA Test uses 165 autosomal markers within your DNA to make a prediction of continental and sub–populational bio-geographic ancestry. 151 Ancestry Informative Markers (AIMSs) are used to calculate the admixture proportion of these populations based of their genotype frequency. The 151 SNPs are a subset of Kidd’s 55 AIMs (Kidd et al. 2014) and Seldin’s 128 AIMs (Kosey et al. 2009).

There are seven continental root populations that your DNA profile is matched against: Europe, Oceania, East Asia, Africa, South Asia, America and Southwest Asia, and then analysed to calculate how likely it is that your DNA originates from a particular population. The likelihoods are calculated based on the 151 ancestral specific SNPs in your DNA and matched against 65 different scientifically evaluated populations

Please note that Ancestry DNA testing cannot be used to confirm relationships. Paternity For Life does not store the data from any Ancestry DNA testing or keep a database of results. The information obtained from your test will only provide the results of your ancestry DNA and cannot be used to connect people or confirm relationships of people who have descended from similar geographical locations. All ancestry testing is non-legal and cannot be used for any legal purpose, such as Immigration.

If you have any questions regarding Ancestry DNA Testing or the information provided in the results, please contact us.



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