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Home Paternity DNA Test From £95

Our Home Paternity DNA Test is the simplest and fastest way to confirm whether an alleged father is the biological father of a child. Get peace of mind today, with

Standard Paternity Test (1 x Child and 1 x Alleged Father) including regular postage both ways of both test kits to the same address now just £ 95.00 GBP

Legal Paternity DNA Test From £289

Our Legal Paternity DNA Test provides court approved and legally admissible results that can be used for a range of legal disputes, including child maintenance and custody, inheritance disputes and immigration purposes.

How do Legal and Home Paternity DNA Tests differ?

A Home Paternity DNA Test will provide the same accurate results as a Legal Paternity DNA Test.

However, the sample collection process for a legal paternity DNA test is different to that of a non-legal DNA test. During the sample collection process for a Legal Paternity DNA Test, a Chain of Custody is established to verify the identity of the person the sample was collected from and ensure that the samples have not been tampered with at any stage. For a legal paternity DNA test, the samples must be collected by an independent third party, usually a medical practitioner or qualified nurse. By establishing this Chain of Custody, the DNA sample is documented and accounted for during the entire DNA testing process. The results from the legal paternity DNA test will be legally compliant as required by government departments, such as the Home Office, and can be used in court proceedings, such as in Family Court cases of child custody, child support or paternity disputes.

Non-Legal Paternity DNA Tests (also known as a Home Paternity DNA Test) are used for peace of mind or reassurance, for your own personal knowledge. If you choose to take a non-legal paternity DNA test, while these results are still as accurate as a legal paternity DNA test, the results from the non-legal DNA test cannot be used for legal purposes or in a court of law. They have no legal validity as we cannot verify whom the sample was collected from. Participants do not need to provide any proof of identity or have the collection overseen and can collect the sample themselves at home. Although the sample will have their name on it, we cannot legally verify that the sample has been obtained from that person. A non-legal paternity DNA test also cannot be upgraded to a legal DNA test. This is because the samples collected for a non-legal paternity DNA test are not collected using the Chain of Custody procedures required for the results to be legally valid.

Therefore, it is important that prior to purchasing your paternity DNA test that you are aware of which type of test is required for your situation. If you are unsure of which DNA test you need, please contact us.



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