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Baby Gender DNA Test

Are you expecting a boy or a girl? Find out from as early as 10 weeks!

How does the Baby Gender DNA Test work?

Cell-free DNA fragments (cfDNA) are short fragments of DNA which can be found circulating in the blood. During pregnancy, DNA fragments from both the mother and fetus are present in the maternal blood. If there is sufficient fetal DNA present in the mother’s blood sample, we can then analyse the fetal DNA using a laboratory technique called Next Generation Sequencing to determine the gender of the unborn child with 98% accuracy.

We all have a pair of sex chromosomes present in each cell in our bodies. In males, they carry one X chromosome and one Y chromosome; females have two X chromosomes. When analysing the fetal DNA for the Baby Gender DNA Test, we are looking to detect the presence of any Y Chromosomes in the fetal DNA. If Y chromosome is detected, this would indicate the fetus is likely to be male. If no Y Chromosome is present, this would indicate the fetus is likely to be female.

I am having twins – Can I still do the Baby Gender DNA Test?

Yes! In the case of a twin pregnancy, if any Y-Chromosomal DNA is detected this will indicate at least one fetus is male. If no Y-Chromosomal DNA is detected, this would indicate both fetuses are female.

What sample is needed for the test?

Our prenatal tests are non-invasive, and all we require from the mother is a blood sample taken via a standard blood draw. This method of testing is much safer for both the mother and the unborn child. Other prenatal testing methods can be invasive and can come with risks such as miscarriage and leakage of amniotic fluid.

Upon receiving your application, we will send you a specialised collection kit for collecting your sample. A trained medical professional, such as a doctor or nurse, will need to collect the blood sample. If you are having trouble arranging collection, please contact us and we can help you to find a phlebotomist in your area. Please note that an additional fee may be charged by your sample collector. This fee is not included in the cost of testing and must be paid directly to the sample collector

How accurate is the Baby Gender DNA test?

The Baby Gender DNA test is 98% accurate and validated from the 10th week of pregnancy, calculated from your estimated due date. We are a worldwide, scientifically accredited laboratory and follow a strict quality assurance program to ensure our methods and results are accurate.

The testing cannot be performed earlier than 10 weeks, as there will not be enough Y Chromosome (if present) at a detectable level. In these cases, the test would be inconclusive, and a recollection would be required at a later date.

While ultrasounds can be used to determine the sex of the baby, they cannot always be relied upon. Sometimes the position of the baby may make it difficult to determine the gender or the ultrasound technician may not have the expertise to determine the gender. The Baby Gender DNA test is the only way to accurately and scientifically determine gender much earlier in your pregnancy. Ultrasounds are still needed for important purposes, such as monitoring and checking the baby’s health throughout your pregnancy. The Baby Gender DNA test is not designed to replace or override any prenatal care you would receive throughout our pregnancy.

How long before I receive the results?

Upon receiving your samples at our laboratory, we will promptly begin processing. We endeavour to have your results to you within 6 – 8 working days from receipt of your samples at our laboratory, and the results will be sent directly to your preferred email address.

Important note

The Company Policy of Paternity For Life is that the results of the Baby Gender DNA Test are used for curiosity purposes ONLY. The results are not to be used for the purpose of gender selection.

The Baby Gender DNA Test cannot be performed in the case of structural abnormality in the fetus, mosaicism, multiple pregnancies, or if the pregnant woman has a chromosomal aneuploidy herself or has received a blood transfusion, transplantation, stem cell therapy or immunotherapy. Proceeding with testing in any of these cases will affect the accuracy of the results.

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